Trense, Grenoble - BR/Premiere | Lyngmosens-Rideudstyr.
Trense, Grenoble - BR/Premiere

Trense, Grenoble - BR/Premiere

149,70 kr (629 kr) SPAR 76%

Symmetric bridle with an anatomically formed crownpiece with soft padded lining, which is cut back at both sides. The slightly curved browband has an XL crystal chain in 3-tone colour (Basalt/Black/Opal) with soft leather lining. Its wide (± 4 cm) crank flash noseband with patent leather is round raised with soft padded lining and has a chin pad with soft padded lining. The cheekpieces are fitted with hook stud billets. The bridle has stainless steel fittings. The included web rein has hand and rein stops and hook stud billets.

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